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Where can I Buy Car Insurance in Dubai?

If you own a car or an SUV in Dubai for going to the office on a daily basis or going on for a family trip occasionally with your near and dear ones, you should essentially buy suitable car insurance in the country. Nonetheless, whenever a car owner thinks about buying car insurance, he or she has a few questions in the mind i.e. where can I buy car insurance in Dubai or what steps to follow to buy car insurance in Dubai. With the aim to resolve your query, experts have focused on two major things i.e. steps to follow to get car insurance and dos and don’ts to get the car insurance with the help of the internet.

Steps to Buy Car Insurance at a Glance

  • Comparison of Insurance Quotes

You should fill an online form by providing details about you and your vehicle to get live price quotes from a few of the top insurance providers in different areas of Dubai City.

  • Perform a Secured Checkout

Once you succeed to get an appropriate insurance policy for your new/used vehicle, you have to perform a secured checkout for buying it online immediately. Meanwhile, you have to keep each of your important documents ready so that you get the policy online even within an hour period.

Dos and Don’ts to Buy Car Insurance

  • You should never focus on the lowest premiums available; instead, should check the benefits present in particular insurance coverage.


  • You should strictly avoid sharing any wrong information about you, your car and numbers of accidents suffered by your vehicle or anything similar.


  • You should give time to understand the aspects of both a comprehensive insurance policy and third party-based liability coverage.


  • You should make sure collecting information about add-on covers, which include agency repairs, car hire extension, towing solutions and off-road application of vehicles.


  • You should always keep the soft copy of the required documents ready to get the car insurance policy in a timely way. These include UAE-based driving license, copy of your Emirates ID, registration card and no claims certification (if applicable in your case).


  • Never forget about renewing your car insurance policy without any failure.


  • You should always keep the policy number, claim number, roadside assistance number in the safest place (along within your mobile) in case you experience any unfortunate or undesirable event on the road.

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